The Accessibility Tick welcomes Sandra Budd

The Accessibility Tick is very pleased to announce that Sandra Budd has joined the Accessibility Tick team as a Relationship Manager.

Sandra brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge. Her previous roles include Chief Executive and senior executive in the Australasian public health, disability and not-for-profit sectors.

She has led national and multi-state initiatives modernising services within the NZ Blind Foundation, South Australian Children Youth and Women’s Health Service, NSW’s Greater Southern Area Health Service and Auckland Healthcare’s maternity and neonatal services.

Sandra has a strong background in organisation transformation and building social enterprises. She is also an experienced board director, sitting on existing Boards and and Advisory Groups.

She has had considerable experience in community engagement and relationship building. As a certified member of Australasian International Association for Public Participation she works with people to build compelling desired futures.

It is important to note that our programme and network wouldn’t exist without Sandra having supported us in her role as Chief Exectuive of the Blind Foundation. It was Sandra’s foresight and support that enabled us to get started, and become what we are today.

We are certain that you will agree, Sandra is a positive addition to the Accessibility Tick and NZ Disability Employers’ Network whanau.

Sandra looks forward to meeting our members in the near future.