Disability Employment -
not just the right thing to do,
but the smart thing to do.


What are the benefits of the programme?

The Accessibility Tick programme is delivered under the Empowered membership tier of the NZ Disability Employers' Network (NZDEN).

Some key benefits* of the Accessibility Tick Programme and NZDEN membership include:

  • Annual disability and neurodiversity inclusion assessment (gap analysis)
  • Support establishing an annual disability and neurodiversity inclusive annual action plan
  • Quarterly meetings to support the implementation of the action plan
  • Ability to hold and subsequently celebrate the Accessibility Tick (subject to meeting minimum requirements)
  • Access to our quarterly NZDEN network hui and Communities of Practice
  • 20 hours annually of consultation (in addition to the above inclusions)
  • 30% discount on additional consulting hours
  • Access to 10 annual member training credits to be used on NZDEN trainings
  • Access to our Diverse Horizons and Rise to Success mentoring programmes
  • Access to NZDEN Communities of Practice
  • Exclusive discounts to the NZDEN Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference
  • Other exclusive NZDEN member events
  • Exclusive bulletins and updates
  • Access to to exclusive member resources on the NZDEN website, including eLearning modules, webinars, downloadable resources, collated web links and event recordings.

*Benefits are subject to change.

Ultimately, members/participants in the programme have everything they need to make meaningful progress on their disability and neurodiversity inclusion journeys.

A meeting room with many people seated around a long table, smiling at the camera.
Members attend a NZDEN hui event.
NZSL interpreters at the front of a room full of people. They are interpreting a conference presentation to NZSL users at a table.
NZSL interpreters at the 2023 NZDEN Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference.

The Business Case for Disability Employment

Employing disabled people isn't just a socially responsible thing to do, it's also a smart business decision. In fact hiring disabled people is great for your business's bottom line.

Here's some reasons why:

Access a hidden talent pool

There are 228,000 disabled people in New Zealand who are of working age but are currently unemployed. 74% of them want to work, so not tapping into this talent pool means that businesses might be missing out on capable, motivated and skilled employees.

1 in 4 New Zealanders identify as having a disability. If organisations are not intentionally inclusive and accessible, they could be missing out on a quarter of the talent market.

Almost a quarter of New Zealand's population has a disability, injury or illness that lasts for six months or more. Most employers will already have workers with these conditions but aren't aware of it.

An inclusive workplace is not only physically and technologically accessible, but also breaks down social barriers and changes attitudes. For many job seekers with disabilities, unconscious bias,  discrimination and lack of support stop them from finding and keeping a job.

Ready, willing and able

Most disabled workers need the same support as non-disabled workers in their workplace. People with accessibility needs are quite often discriminated against based on incorrect information.

Benefits to business

In 2011, Deloitte Australia conducted a survey which found that most employer concerns about recruiting disabled staff were myths. They discovered that:

  • Disabled workers are just as productive (or more so) as their non-disabled colleagues.
  • Most disabled workers have better attendance and fewer health and safety issues than non-disabled workers.
  • It usually costs less to hire disabled workers than non-disabled workers.

The benefits of an inclusive workplace extend beyond supporting employees with disabilities. An inclusive workplace:

  • Increases productivity
  • Enables a larger pool of talented people to apply for, maintain, and advance through employment
  • Leads to an expanded customer base.

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New Zealand Disability Employers’ Network

The New Zealand Disability Employers’ Network is a collective of NZ employers committed to improving disability inclusion and accessibility practices in their own organisations and across Aotearoa. The network is recognised by the UN's International Labour Organisation's Global Business and Disability Network as a key New Zealand body representing businesses in their accessibility journey.