NZDEN November 2020 Agenda

We are looking forward to seeing you at our last NZ Disability Employers’ Network meeting for 2020.

This event is for members of the Accessibility Tick/NZ Disability Employers’ Network or by invitation only.

Event Details

Date and Time

Monday 23rd November 10am – noon (with a light lunch afterwards)

Hosted by:

EMA logo

Employment and Manufacturers Association
Auckland Office
145 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, Auckland
(Google Maps)

Note: Video conference facilities available for those unable to join us in person.


  • 10.00am – Welcome/Introductions/Formalities
    Vicky O’Neill (EMA) / Phil Turner (Accessibility Tick)
  • 10.10am – Guest Speaker – Tania Reed, Vulnerable Customer Programme Lead at Westpac
    Westpac’s Extra Care Programme – Tania will be sharing her experiences around amplifying disability inclusion practices across Westpac.
  • 10.30am – Guest Speaker – Dr Chandra Harrison, Managing Director at Access Advisors
    What is the value of ensuring that our online/digital platforms are inclusive of everyone? Why does it make sense?
  • 10.50am – Reflections on first session
  • 11.00am – Brief Break (grab a coffee/tea/water)
  • 11.05am – Welcome back
  • 11.10am – Guest Speakers – CCS Disability Action
    • Vivian Naylor, Barrier Free Advisor and Educator
      Hear about the work Vivian does to help organisations with their physical accessibility practices.
    • Sharleen Tongalea, Regional Disability Leadership Coordinator
      Sharleen will be sharing with us some experiences around getting people in to work.
  • 11.40am – General Business
    • New Accessibility Tick posters
    • International Day of People with Disabilities – 3rd December
      • Hidden diabilities through a digital lens webinar
      • Air New Zealand Disability Social Enterprise Christmas Market
      • PurpleLightUp
      • Changing Places Open Day
      • Paralympics Spirit of Gold Mufti Day
    • Review of programme to date (questionnaire / facilitated session) early 2021
  • Midday – Finish
    A light lunch and networking will happen for those attending at Auckland.


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