NZDEN Letter to the Minister re Disability Systems Transformation and Accessibility Legislation

Today the New Zealand Disability Employers’ Network (NZDEN) wrote to Hon. Minister Sepuloni as Minister of Disability Issues congratulating her on the recent announcements for Disability Systems Transformation and the planned accessibility legislation.

The NZDEN is largely supportive of the annoucement and will be interested to see further details as they become available. We look forward to having a good relationship with the new Ministry for Disabled People (name pending) and Accessibility Governance Board.

“We know that employers have a vital role to play in positive disability outcomes. As the leading employer body in New Zealand solely committed to improving career outcomes for disabled people, disability inclusion and accessibility, we ask to be fully engaged in the creation of the new Ministry, drafting of the legislation and creation of the Accessibility Governance Board.”

“By the Government including the NZDEN as a partner in this process and future systems, we can ensure that any final systems and legislation will work for both disabled people, our members, and other NZ employers, leading to positive outcomes for all.”

The letter was sent in multiple accessible formats, in support of many New Zealanders who have a print disability and access information differently.

Download the full letter here in accessible formats –