Monday Mythbusting on Disability Employment – How many do you know?

We are busting disability employment myths. People with accessibility needs are quite often discriminated against based on incorrect information. We are seeking to educate people about their true value, one myth a week.

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Myth #1: Disabled people are too much of a health and safety risk

Fact: Employees with disabilities have less health and safety incidents than their peers.

“Disabled employees often have fewer health and safety issues than non-disabled workers. This is because in managing their impairment from the start, the employer and the employee will have developed strategies to address the health and safety risks. Whether your employee is disabled or not, your approach to health and safety should remain the same.” –

We believe it is even more than this. As people, those who have an accessibility need are managing risks daily, they become experts at it and they bring those expertise to the workplace. Many companies have reported better health and safety outcomes by having them onboard as they share their experience/expertise with the greater team.

Myth #2: Disabled people take too much sick leave

Fact: Employees with disabilities take less sick leave on average than their peers. One Australian study says 85% less.

Myth #3: Disabld people are less capable and do lower quality work

Fact: Surveys have found that 90% of disabled people rated average or better than their peers on job performance.

Myth #4: Disabled people don’t stay long enough in a job

Fact: NZ Statistics* show that disabled people are loyal, on average staying with employers over 50% longer than their peers.
*Stats NZ – Disability Employment Statistics

Myth 5: We don’t have anyone with a disability in our organisation

Fact: 24% of New Zealanders have a disability. 80% of those disabilities are hidden. Still think you don’t have anyone with a disability in your organisations?

Myth 6: It’s expensive to employ a person with a disability

Fact: Most disabled people do not require anything additional to do their job. When they do, there are support programmes and funding available.

Research has shown that the benefits of hiring disabled people outweigh any expenses, ultimately leading to a better bottom line.

Myth 7: People with a disability can only do basic unskilled jobs

Fact: People with a disability bring a range of skills, talents and abilities to the workplace. Many have tertiary and trade qualifications. They know their abilities and are unlikely to apply for jobs they can’t do.