Employers Network submits on Government’s Draft Disability Employment Action Plan

Having employers voices heard as part of the recent consultation for the government’s Draft Disability Employment Action Plan is essential. That is why members of the Accessibility Tick Employers Network (ATEN) have today submitted a submission outlining their consensus feedback on the Action Plan.

Supportive of the plans objectives, our employers’ network feels the plan should include provisions for –

  • Recognising and proactively supporting an employer led body that is focussed on disability in the workplace from an employer’s perspective.
  • Expanding from focussing on getting someone into work to also providing them with ongoing support that leads to a meaningful career aligned with their personal aspirations.
  • Reviewing the supported employment model, heeding to employers’ input as a key stakeholder, ensuring that any changes best completement employers’ recruitment processes / approaches.
  • Establish ways for government to lead the way in their own disability practices.

The ATEN Draft Disability Employment Action Plan can be found below –