Christmas Shopping with Disability Social Enterprises

Inspired by the disability social enterprise market Air New Zealand organised for their staff the past two years. They have kindly shared this list of disability enterprises – and we have added some extras that we have been made aware of. Please consider supporting if you are looking for gift inspiration this Christmas, or anytime that you want to give a gift that has real meaning.

Two young men sit at a table which displays a range of wooden Christmas trees which are decorated. They have their arm around each others shoulders, and they are smiling.

Matt and Tom – Eco Christmas Trees

Matt and Tom are twins with Down Syndrome who love Christmas. They have a small range of Christmas themed and gift products, including:

  • Small and large wood Christmas trees
  • Felt star decorations
  • Loc-blocks

A close up shot of a jar with a black label and white text reading Our Harvest - Growing Goodness Together. Guava Jelly. Spray Free, Made by Moxie.

Our Harvest – Sauces, Jams and Jelly

Treat your taste buds with delicious Our Harvest preserves. Our Harvest products are grown, harvested and made with love by Recreate‘s Our Harvest team.

A woman holding two bags of coffee and a man sitting in a chair beside her. They are smiling.

Drink My Coffee

Drink My Coffee is a social enterprise to create employment opportunities for disabled New Zealanders. We are doing this by creating jobs for people to manufacture and distribute premium coffee and enabling people with disabilities to be self-employed, selling the coffee.

Find your local distributor on the order page to support them with their own business.

Family standing hand in hand on the beach. The sun is setting behind them. The parents wear blue tshirts reading I Love My Autistic Child and I Support Someone with Autism. A young girl wears a red tshirt that reads I Support Someone with Autism. The yound boy wears a black tshirt that reads Keep Calm I Have Autism I'm just Being Myself

Chambers & Co – T-shirts and Weighted Blankets

Chambers & Co are devoted to creating a community of compassion and inclusion for all of those touched by Autism Spectrum Disorder. Their distinct apparel has been designed to raise public awareness of the day-to-day challenges that living with Autism brings.

Purple logo of Downlights New Zealand
Row of five smiling people wearing grey Downlights t-shirts. The female in the middle is holding a candle.

Downlights – Soy Candles, Christmas Decorations and Cards

Downlights is a New Zealand-owned and operated fragranced soy candle company that manufactures luxury candles using artisanal techniques. Their candles are lovingly hand-poured and the entire manufacturing process supports the development of a variety of workplace skills and offers employment opportunities for young adults with Down Syndrome and intellectual or learning disabilities.

Will & Able eco-products

New Zealand’s only range of eco-friendly cleaning products creating jobs for Kiwi’s with disabilities.

Good products that are good for our planet.

  • Quality products
  • Environmental Choice NZ certified
  • Bottles made from 100% recycled NZ milk bottles so no more virgin plastics

On the left is a pink circle with the letters ML in the centre. Across the initials are the words Moments with Love also in pink.
Beside the logo a picture of two woman sitting together looking at a gift box. The woman on the left is in a wheelchair. There are candles on the table in front of them and a range of gifts line the shelves in the background.

Moments with Love – Disability Social Enterprise Gift Boxes

Moments with Love creates high-quality gift boxes with a twist. Our mission is to provide you with an experience that will bring joy and create treasured memories as you enjoy a moment of love of your own.  

Each box is carefully curated to feature something to wear, something to do, and something delicious to eat & drink. Many of them include incredible body and bath products & handmade items crafted by our family. Their boxes also feature products from companies supporting people with disabilities. They have partnered with leading kiwi social enterprise companies supporting people with disabilities to bring you the highest quality of award-winning products.

On the left the logo for Bradley's K9 Munchies in white red and black inside a dog bone shape. On the right. Bradley holds a tray of freshly baked dog treats. He is smiling.

Bradley’s K9 Munchies – Dog Treats

Bradley’s K9 Munchies is a Southland-owned and operated dog treat company that bakes tasty goods for good dogs. Our treats are baked with love and hand-cut. And the entire manufacturing process offers employment opportunities for young adults with access needs and learning disabilities.

Left Olivers Doggie Treats logo on a beige background with a white paw print centre top. Right is Oliver placing a tray of dog bone shaped treats into the oven to bake.

Oliver’s Doggie Treats – Dog Treats

Oliver’s Doggie Treats are delicious, healthy, hand-made dog biscuits by Oliver, a dog-loving boy with Down Syndrome from Auckland who lives life to the fullest!

Illustration of characters from the Awesome Superheros book. The characters are poised in a forest/

The Awesome Superheroes – The Bank Robbery – Book

Laetitia Tan is a teenage author with Down Syndrome. She wrote this book with the support of her Speech and Language Therapist. Laetitia hopes to inspire you to use your imagination and tell your story – it does not matter that it is not perfect, so long as you are happy with it.

Three Christmas trees made from driftwood, adorned with Christmas lights. They are positioned on top of a larger piece of driftwood.

Fishwood Design – Artist

Creating art with nature! Hand crafted driftwood sculptures to hang in the garden, bach or home. Especially perfect for those who love the sea!

Left is the logo Art + Soul in turquoise. Right is a piece of artwork of houses in bright primary colours with a blue frame.


A small business based in Milford, on Auckland’s North Shore with the purpose of bridging the gap for young adults living with disabilities. They are very maverick in their approach to enable their member’s successes and life choices. They aim to achieve this in a safe, respectful, and stimulating environment where all abilities and levels of capability should be considered and catered for.

Products include arts, crafts, soaps and body products, handmade greeting cards, and more.

Three handmade Christmas cards arranged on a table. They are made from various folded papers and feature designs of a Christmas tree, a star and a Christmas stocking.

Bellcraft Cards

Lia is a Hibiscus Coast mum who lives with Cerebral Palsy and chronic pain. As a result, her mobility has decreased a great deal over the last few years and relies on a wheelchair for mobility. Her current self-propelled wheelchair is a huge help but it is limiting. She would love to be able to join her family on the beach again, rather than spectating from the grass. Lia has set a goal to fundraise for an Omeo hands-free, all-terrain wheelchair.

Lia has made these beautiful cards with off-cuts from various paper merchants and is selling these through her Facebook page to fundraise for her new wheelchair.

A tray of freshly made dark chocolate bars
Row of Organic Wildness Chocolate varieties including Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Acai, Dark Chocolate with Cupuaca and Coconut, Dark Chocolate with Cupuaca and Cashews, 57% Cocoa Dark Chocolate with Walnuts, Dark Chocolate with Vietnamese Mango, Dark Chocolate with Bee Pollen from Nelson and Pure 57% Cocoa Dark Chocolate.

Wildness Chocolate

Wildness is a Social Enterprise in Wellington, New Zealand and Singapore. We harness the passion, skills and energy of exceptional Singaporeans with special needs at APSN CFA (Association for Persons with Special Needs Centre for Adults) and in the Rimutaka prison in New Zealand.

Packed with eco-friendly zero-waste materials, our delicious organic chocolates are handmade using only the finest ingredients and environmentally sustainable methods.

Young man is working on a piece of art. He is looking at the canvas and his paint brush as he applies the paint.

Yaniv Janson – Contemporary Fine Artist

Yaniv is a young New Zealand artist from the small coastal town of Raglan. His work centres on his great passion for environmental and social issues and this has been reflected in his artworks.

Living with both epilepsy and autism, Yaniv doesn’t let either dictate who he is. He began painting 13 years ago and creates the work from home, enjoying the freedom of determining his own schedule. He can choose when, where and what to paint and loves that it is something that people all over the world can enjoy.

Being awarded over 18 awards, participating in more than 40 exhibitions and having sold in excess of 180 paintings, Yaniv is far from finished.