Supporting employers on their strategic journey to becoming more accessible and inclusive employers

What is the Accessibility Tick Programme?

Accessibility Tick logoThe Accessibility Tick

The Accessibility Tick programme is the flagship programme of the NZ Disability Employers' Network. It is a member programme designed to help organisations with their strategic journeys to becoming more disability inclusive employers and accessible for disabled people.

Becoming awarded the Accessibility Tick gives public recognition of an organisation’s ongoing commitment to becoming accessible and inclusive for employees and customers with disabilities.

Our Objectives

Designed in consultation with a broad range of New Zealand employers and disability sector experts, the programme's main objectives are:

  • To help organisations be actively inclusive of disabled and neurodiverse people as employees and customers.
  • To support employers to recruit disabled and neurodiverse people into roles that are successful for both employer and employee.

We recognise that New Zealand organisations have a variety of accessibility issues and many disability support organisations to liaise with to resolve them. We help to simplify that process and to get better outcomes.

In delivering the Accessibility Tick Programme, we partner with disability support organisations to make it easier for them to support their clients in the workplace by creating a framework for interaction with each employer.

Smiling male design colleagues in 30s and 40s sitting side by side at work station and studying plans under development.

Uniquely New Zealand

The programme was co-designed with New Zealand employers and New Zealand disability experts to create something that delivers results in a uniquely kiwi way.

Designed for and with you

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. All of our services are bespoke. We co-design this with you so that it meets the needs of your organisation.

New Zealand Disability Employers' Network

The New Zealand Disability Employers’ Network is a collective of NZ employers committed to improving disability inclusion and accessibility practices in their own organisations and across Aotearoa.

The network is recognised by the UN's International Labour Organisation's Global Business and Disability Network as a key New Zealand body representing businesses in their accessibility journey.