The Accessibility Tick is helping New Zealand organisations create systemic change and become more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities.

We’re a pan-disability social enterprise with a vision for bridging the accessibility and disability employment gaps.

We recognise that New Zealand organisations have a variety of accessibility issues and many disability support organisations to liaise with to resolve them. We help to simplify that process and to get better outcomes.

In delivering the Accessibility Tick Programme, we partner with disability support organisations to make it easier for them to support their clients in the workplace by creating a framework for interaction with each employer.

Accessibility Tick Employers Network

All Accessibility Tick employers become part of the Accessibility Tick Employers Network. Giving organisations a chance to meet and support each other on their journeys.

The network is recognised by the UN’s International Labour Organisation’s Global Business and Disability Network as a key New Zealand body representing businesses in their accessibility journey.

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