The Accessibility Tick Programme helps New Zealand organisations become more accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities.

The Accessibility Tick Programme helps New Zealand organisations become more accessible and inclusive of disabled and neurodivergent people.

The Accessibility Tick Programme - Commited to Accessibility

The Accessibility Tick Programme is helping New Zealand organisations become more accessible and inclusive of disabled and neurodivergent people.

We're a pan-disability social enterprise with a vision for bridging the accessibility and disability employment gaps.

Organisations that join the Accessibility Tick Programme are provided the tools and expertise they need to:

  • Successfully employ people with disabilities, enriching the diversity of their organisations and accessing the full labour force
  • Deliver their services to all customers.

Lead programme of the NZDEN

The Accessibility Tick is the flagship programme of the New Zealand Disability Employers' Network.

Inclusive Workplaces

1 in 4 New Zealanders identify as having a disability. If organisations are not inclusive and accessible, they could be missing out on a quarter of the market.

An inclusive workplace is not only physically and technologically accessible, but also breaks down social barriers and changes attitudes. For many job seekers with disabilities, discrimination and lack of support stop them from finding and keeping a job.

The benefits of an inclusive workplace extend beyond supporting employees with disabilities. An inclusive workplace:

  • Increases productivity
  • Enables a larger pool of talented people to apply for, maintain, and advance through employment
  • Leads to an expanded customer base.
Colleagues in an office discussing ideas
A diverse group of people in a corporate office having casual discussion. One man is a wheelchair user.
Illustration in the shape of New Zealand made up of disabled people

Uniquely Aotearoa

The programme was co-designed with employers and disability experts from across Aotearoa to create a programme that delivers results in a uniquely kiwi way.

Table of people in an office environment having a discussion

Designed for you, with you

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. All of our services are bespoke. We co-design this with you so that it meets the needs of your organisation.

Visually impaired person working on computer with assistive technology; braille display and screen reader.

Helping you find and retain talent

We share with our disability sector partners the job types and skills that our members need so that our partners can prepare their clients. We connect member employers with our partners who provide them with candidates and placement support.

Make the decision to become more disability inclusive now

So you are ready to move your organisations disability and neurodiversity inclusion forward with the support of New Zealand's preeminent programme.

It's time for action. Complete the expression of interest form by clicking the button below, and we will be in touch to start your journey.


I would highly recommend NZDEN to support your organisation to move forward in your Accessibility & Inclusion Journey. With a variety of services available including training courses, you can tap into the great wealth of knowledge the team at NZDEN have to offer.

It’s also great to work with likeminded individuals; business who are passionate about making positive changes in the D&I space.

Pakeha lady with blond hair smiling at the camera.

Lisa McKellar
Candidate Engagement Manager
Adecco Personnel

As Foundation Members of the Accessibility Tick programme, the guidance support and leadership from Phil and the team has been instrumental in how we plan, support, implement our journey to accessibility and disability inclusion within our workplace and community.

A pakeha lady with brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. She is wearing a grey business jacket over a navy blue top with flowers on it.

Phillipa Gimmillaro
Chief People Officer | Pou Here Tangata
Hind Management / Sudima Hotels

My experience in working with Phil and the team at NZDEN has been seamless and incredibly beneficial in progressing our Accessibility objectives in Chorus.

Accessibility is a key feature in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy and our first step was to work with Phil and the team to receive accreditation of the Accessibility Tick.

This meant we were able to develop an action plan in collaboration with internal stakeholders and connect with subject matter experts to help us on our journey for a more accessible workplace.

NZDEN are with us every step of the way and regularly connect to provide ongoing guidance, advice and tools to support Chorus create realistic, achievable change.


Sarah Archer
Head of Diversity & Inclusion
Chorus NZ Ltd

NZDEN logo

The Accessibility Tick is the Flagship programme of the NZ Disability Employers' Network

Members of the NZDEN may choose to commit to continuously improving their current practices through the Accessibility Tick Programme.

A NZ organisation guide to key campaigns and awareness days related to disability and inclusion.

Awareness days can help you promote a culture of inclusion and help you demonstrate your commitment to a workplace that is accessible and supports everyone to reach their full potential.